Major food processor uses ELM rail capabilities to open East Coast Market

Our client, a major Midwest food processor, needed flour storage facilities on the East Coast to serve their processors more effectively in the area; however, they were reluctant to invest their own facility to do so. Since most of the client’s flour is transported by rail, they needed a 3PL alternative with rail siding.

ELM provided the perfect customized solution. To accommodate this account, ELM obtained the necessary pesticide licensing and trained all employees on use of these hazardous materials. ASI certification was also obtained so as to meet the rigid sanitation requirements of a food grade warehouse. ELM’s WMS computer system provided the necessary lot control the client needed to manage movement of goods by manufacturing date, and ELM managed the JIT needs of the local facilities by coordinating the scheduling of both inbound rail and outbound local trucking.

The end result was that the client was able to open the east coast market with almost no additional capital investment. Inventory turn times and speed to market increased dramatically, and sales have grown 10 fold now that the company is able to distribute locally.