Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Having spent the last 35+ years in the warehousing business, we have learned that we must constantly look for ways to improve systems and processes in order to enhance our service, lower cost and help our customer grow.

ELM employs a team of Six Sigma Black Belts to administer our continuous improvement programs. Providing training for consistency across all operations and validating service improvements and real savings.


Through continuous improvement, embracing change and innovation we will be our customers strategic partner and their competitive advantage in supply chain performance.


Why implement lean?

  • Customers expectation on quality, cost and velocity are changing almost daily.
  • Reducing supply chain cost has become top priority for many companies P&L objectives.
  • Speed to market through efficient and streamlined logistics execution has become a competitive advantage for organizations.
  • Many organizations have developed a lean culture and expect their suppliers to do the same.
  • Companies want to see that their suppliers have systematic methods in place that eliminate waste and standardize work practices, so that the best quality, customer service and cost can be passed on to them.
  • A lean culture supports growth within a company’s current footprint making more efficient use of fixed overhead costs.

The goal of lean:

  1. Eliminate waste
  2. Simplify process
  3. Manage process for quality do not inspect quality in
  4. Produce to customer demand
  5. One at a time
  6. Continuous improvement
  7. Respect for people and teamwork