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ELM understands the importance of maintaining a reliable flow of product to seamlessly receive, manage, and process orders....

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With over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse space in the northeast, ELM is ideal for your storage needs....

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Order Fulfillment

Processing orders can range in difficulty from fairly simple to extremely complex. Warehouse conditions and layouts....

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ELM Global Logistics is a third party logistic partner established in 1980 and we have grown throughout the Northeast with distribution facilities totaling more than 1,000,000 square feet. We offer both dedicated or shared operations, along with a range of services such as cross-docking, reverse logistics, pick and pack services, repackaging, assembly, consolidation, as well as many other value-added services. Long-term or short-term, we offer you the flexibility...

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Our client, a major Midwest food processor, needed flour storage facilities on the East Coast to serve their processors more effectively in the area; however, they were reluctant to invest their own facility to do so. Since most of the client's flour is transported by rail, they needed a 3PL alternative with rail siding. ELM provided the perfect customized solution. To accommodate this account, ELM obtained the necessary pesticide licensing and...

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ELM GLOBAL LOGISTICS is a third-party logistics partner providing optimal levels of visibility and inventory control to even the most complex of logistics operations. Across your supply chain or in your distribution center, ELM combines methodical analysis of your material flows via intelligent application of systems designed to reduce and automate every step of the process. Many respected companies trust ELM’s vast experience and services to streamline their logistics operations. ELM offers support in the areas of manufacturing, distribution, repair, returns, refurbishment, and parts logistics. We are proud and determined to meet every challenge.

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